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Freddy Bear

Freddy Bear

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Our founder, Professor Fred Hollows in the form of a Freddy Bear.

Just like his namesake, this teddy bear helps to restore sight to people living with avoidable blindness in the Pacific. Two gifts in one, when you buy Freddy Bear for someone you care about, and you’ll also help someone to see and smile again.

Freddy Bear is 30 cm high from head to toe, and comes dressed in his special surgical scrubs, hat and securely attached glasses. He is made of clean, recycled materials and is ethically produced in a factory that adheres to the International Ethical Code of Conduct.

Please note: while your purchase benefits The Foundation and its cause, merchandise orders cannot be used on a tax rebate claim. Learn more.
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Double your impact

Our charity partner Specsavers are generously matching all donations this year, meaning your purchase of a card, e-card, or donation will have twice the impact. $25 becomes $50. One sight-restoring surgery becomes two.

How your gift helps

In the Pacific, 9 out of 10 people who are blind don’t need to be; their condition is preventable or treatable.

Your gift will help us to not only restore sight, but train local eye health specialists to provide eye care services in their own communities, strengthen local health systems, and support research that will help us to better understand and deliver on current and future eye care needs.